Thursday, April 15, 2004

Delay long enough, and Martin will win 

Sponsorship panel needs more work before tabling report, says chairman: "The parliamentary committee investigating the sponsorship scandal is nowhere near ready to start assessing blame for what went wrong, says chairman John Williams." Why not? What's so difficult about recommending that civil servants and government ministers should obey the rules, and listing the people who didn't? This isn't rocket science.
So get cracking, folks -- there is no merit in delay -- unless this really is a partisan ploy of Conservatives trying to postpone an election in the mistaken belief that this will help them. They will shoot themselves in the foot, as Conservatives are prone to do, if they keep dragging them.
Harper is rapidly running out of things to talk trash about, and the more time Martin has to tour around the country, the better people like him.
Harper, we know already -- he created a previously-unseen level of excitement during the leadership race, but has since returned to his ordinary boring, obscure self. Martin we are just getting to know -- he doesn't come across all that well on TV -- the hurly-burly of the Commons isn't his natural element as it was Chretien's -- but Ottawa doesn't realize the impact Martin is having on his tours across the country, to places like here in Saskatoon. We usually never see a Prime Minister in the flesh, so to speak. doing radio talk shows and talking to ordinary people. At this level, he comes across as honest, concerned, willing to think about our problems and follow through with solutions -- someone that people will decide to vote for.

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