Monday, April 26, 2004

Greedy buggers 

CNEWS - Canada: Three new suits against widow of Quebec pilot who crashed into tower
This is pathetic -- so one lawyer has this billiant idea to sue this poor woman, then everyone else piles on so they don't get left out of the windfall. Look guys, you build a huge tower like this in the middle of nowhere, and the risk of someone flying into it is just the risk you take, like being hit by lightening. But because she got a $1 million insurance policy, which at today's interest rates will generate an income for her of maybe $3,000 a month, you think you can squeeze more blood from this stone.
She should countersue the bunch of you, for putting the tower in a place where her husband's plane would hit it! I cannot think of a judge who wouldn't be sympathetic to her.

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