Friday, April 23, 2004

Guite knifes Martin 

Martin's office tried to influence contracts: Guité So first we have this big story going on and on about how Paul Martin's office wanted research company Ernscliffe to get a chance to bid on a contract.
Finally, in the 32nd paragraph of this big story, we find this sentence: "Both inside and outside the committee meeting, MPs said they doubted much of what Mr. Guite was telling them." Well, duh!
This is Chretien-serving BS. The only improper phone calls Guite can remember are the ones nine years ago from Paul Martin's office? The bile and guile of the Chretien loyalists is amazing -- they won't be satisfied until Paul Martin looses the next election. This, they think, would force him to resign, so that they can belly up to the trough again.

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