Thursday, April 29, 2004

How comforting to blame it all on Saddam 

Hussein's Agents Are Behind Attacks in Iraq, Pentagon Finds
Do they actually believe this? Its both simplistic and stupid, but the headline and the article both state this as though these are proven facts, rather than wishful thinking.
I don't doubt that the Iraq army is now active in the resistance, but I think this report is actually aimed at giving Bush and Rumsfield and Cheny a set of talking points for the increasing numbers of American journalists and citizens who are questioning the war.
Here's the key paragraph:
The report also illustrates how Hussein loyalists are manipulating dissatisfaction with the occupation and cultivating a climate of fear that did not vanish with Mr. Hussein's capture. Policy makers who have read the document say it underscores their concerns that a pervasive fear that allowed Mr. Hussein to rule his nation is, even today, deterring millions of Iraqis from supporting the American-led occupation. The pacification of Iraq cannot succeed without the consent and participation of a larger number of Iraqis, according to officials on Capitol Hill and within the administration.
So the American people can rest easy that the failure of Iraq is not the fault of anyone in Washington, or the inept management of the occupation by the Pentagon, or understaffing in the army, or torture by troops in the prisons, or the destruction of Iraq's economy, or US inability to get the electricity running, or the overall disrespect shown to the Iraq people -- no, no, its really all Hussein's fault, you see, and that's why things are going so badly!

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