Friday, April 30, 2004

I guess he thinks he deserves a gold star 

Bush and Cheney Tell 9/11 Panel of '01 Warnings
. . . Mr. Bush appeared before reporters in the Rose Garden and described the question-and-answer session with the 10 members of the bipartisan commission as 'very cordial.' He said he 'answered every question that they asked.'"
Nice to see what a chummy time Bush and Cheney had with the 9.11 commissioners. Typically, at the press conference afterwards, both he and the media were totally focused on how he felt about the experience and how many questions he answered -- no solemn reference at all to the tragedy of 9.11 itself.
And I got a chuckle out of how proud Bush was about answering all the questions. What did he think, that the commission would ask him something that Gonzales would advise him not to answer on the grounds of self-incrimination? Like -- why did you freeze and sit in the school for seven minutes after being told that the nation was under attack?

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