Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Insurgents appear to have won in Fallujah 

Yahoo! News - US seals Fallujah deal...:
"After two weeks of fierce fighting around Fallujah, west of Baghdad, the US-led coalition said an agreement with local leaders allowed for joint patrols with Iraqi security forces, an amnesty for those who turned in heavy weapons and shorter curfew hours ... both sides promised to take steps toward a 'full and unbroken' ceasefire ...The US Marines announced a draft plan for more than 77 million dollars in US aid for Fallujah once the fighting draws to an end. About 500,000 dollars would be spent in the first 30 days after peace is restored..."
Hmmm - basically they're buying peace in Fallujah without capturing any of the people who killed the contractors, they're accepting that the city is not really under their control, and they're patrolling jointly in the hopes that insurgents will not continue to shoot at them.

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