Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Neo-fascism defined 

Canuckistan - Bush: Neo-Fascist?: On Canukistan, Ian Gillespie writes a very insightful piece about the new style of fascism in the US.
I too have found it hard to define what is happening down there. Gillespie explains that the old definition of fascism doesn't exactly fit the Bush neo-conservatives. Instead, they are creating a new, faith-based definition:
"Movement conservatives are creating a manifest reality. Believing their ascent to be a triumph of virtue, they utilize their power to create a reality in which their ideals are indeed virtuous. They do so regardless of facts, regardless of whether their ideals were virtuous to begin with. Neo-conservatives don't believe that might makes right. They believe that the fact they have acquired might is a validation of the underlying righteousness of their beliefs -- and mandate to enforce them. They believe that ideology, with power, can forge reality."

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