Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Patriot games 

LiberalOasis writes a great piece on how the administration is failing to handle the situation in Iraq and trying to play the patiotism card again.
They played the patriotism card in the fall of 2002, when the motion to endorse any action Bush wanted to take in Iraq was being debated in congress, and it worked then. It won't work now. There are too many soldier families joining the chorus asking why Americans are dying in and for Iraq, and the Democrats have spines now.
As the Bush administration sees the election abyss opening before it and all their hopes for a second Bush administration sliding into it, what will they do? Change the policies that got them into this mess? I doubt they are capable of that. They may start tossing people over the side to lighten the boat (bye, Condi and Colin).
I seem to be stuck on poetic images lately, but it occurs to me that they won't go gentle into that good night . . .

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