Saturday, May 08, 2004

Again with the gonzo journalism 

Martin denies charge he uses private health care
Thanks to the Mop and Pail for another gonzo journalism story -- this time, we're supposed to be shocked! shocked! that Martin's doctor runs a clinic that offers X-rays and MRIs on the side. Big deal! My own doctor's clinic, right here in little old Saskatoon, has a lab attached that does blood tests and x-rays -- and they charge $10 for a once-a-week wart clinic. Its not exactly unusual, Mr. Seguin, nor does it represent the crumbling of medicare.
And get this straight -- whether Martin ever availled himself of these services or not, I DON'T CARE! I don't have the least interest in any politician's personal life -- I don't care that Chretin's kid has had legal problems and I thought it was mean of reporters to cover it. And I don't care where Martin gets his hair cut, I don't care how his wife dresses. I don't care whether Layton's wife runs for parliament, because its not in my riding. I don't even know who Stephen Harper is married to or how many kids he has.
The only reason for anyone to write a story about Paul Martin or about any political figure, and the only reason to read it, is when it relates to their actions as a politician.

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