Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Bush can't understand the story without the photos 

Rumsfeld Chastised by President for His Handling of Iraq Scandal
So was it the abuse that Bush was upset about, or just the photos of the abuse? From this story, it appears that it was the photos, not the events, that Bush worried about. The story reports that unnamed officials ". . . said the president had expressed his displeasure to Mr. Rumsfeld in an Oval Office meeting because of Mr. Rumsfeld's failure to tell Mr. Bush about photographs of the abuse, which have enraged the Arab world." Then down in the 19th paragraph, the story reports that Bush was told about the abuse "within weeks" of the mid-January noficiation to Rumsfeld. "Mr. Rumsfeld told the president about the case" the story says, "But it is not clear, the official said, whether Mr. Rumsfeld mentioned the photographs or their basic content to Mr. Bush at that point."
Of course, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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