Sunday, May 02, 2004


I've been getting some comments on my blog recently, which is rather disconcerting -- its surprising to realize that other people are reading my opinions, warts and all. Though I write my posts as though I am talking to someone, I didn't think I was really talking to anyone except myself.
I started this blog as a birthday gift to me -- turning 55, I wanted to do something new and a little challenging. Mainly, I wanted to sound off about my increasingly-opinionated views, And its fun to see my words "in print". And I had been reading the blogs listed on the right, who have become a left-wing community on the net, and I wanted to be a part of their effort, however small and unsung.
So now I'm getting some comments, and I'm feeling like I need to be better -- improve the quality, quantity and variety of my posts -- just to make sure they have something interesting to read. And I'm getting a lot of negative comments from one fellow in partictular -- it surprises me that he keeps reading a blog he hates, because personally the blogs I like to read regularly are from posters with whom I usually agree so I had just assumed that everyone else felt the same way.
Anyway, its a learning experience for sure. Comment away!

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