Monday, May 03, 2004


Hugh Winsor: Martin may yet regret decision to jump on cities' bandwagon
Winsor writes "By embracing 'a new deal for cities' in the Speech from the Throne, the Prime Minister raised expectations he is already finding difficult to deliver -- note the flip-flop around transferring gasoline taxes to municipal governments. And if he continues in power after an election, the challenge of developing policies that can make a difference in urban areas will increase."
Oh, come on! What is Winsor actually saying here -- Martin has been Prime Minister for five whole months and he hasn't yet solved the problems of Canada's cities so he's just a hopeless wanker after all.
This is the kind of gonzo journalism that we see all the time in the US now, where every politican except Bush and Schwartzenegger get raked over the coals for not walking on water. I thought Canadian reporters had a little more perspective.

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