Sunday, May 09, 2004

Latimer's dream 

Latimer continues to question top-court ruling, won't apply for clemency
This is so sad -- another example of the dream world lived in by Robert Latimer.
Latimer's first mistake was to talk to RCMP without a lawyer -- he apparently thought that if they understood what happened, that would be it. But RCMP don't have that option though they might pretend to.
Then he should have pled not guilty due to insanity -- it was clear at the trials that grief for his daughter had driven him temporarily insane. But he couldn't accept this view of himself. Then the jury entered its own dream world with a meaningless one-year sentence recommendation, when they should have known that the only way he would escape the mandatory sentence would be if they found him not guilty.
So now he wants the supreme court to explain itself? Ain't gonna happen.
Latimer is not a murderer, but if he wants to get out of jail, he will have to accept that in the real world he is considered to be one.

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