Sunday, May 09, 2004

No pot bill? 

Liberals prepared to allow marijuana bill to die
As I argued with my kids, this bill was far from perfect, but at least it was a start. Making a crime of pot possession has destroyed tens of thousands of lives, wasted billions of our tax dollars in enforcement and imprisonment, taken police away from catching other criminals, and has made dope so profitable to sell that the biker gangs are flourishing across the country. My kids thought the bill should be better, that the grow penalties shouldn't be so high, but I thought this could be changed later as long as we could decrimilize minor posession.
Hundreds of thousands of Canadians have used dope with no ill effects whatsoever. They haven't damaged themselves or anyone else, they haven't taken harder drugs. It's vastly less harmful to individuals and to society than alcohol -- no one ever smoked dope then went home and beat up their wife and kids or wrecked their house or destroyed their health. If every alcoholic could switch to smoking dope instead, how much better off they would be, and how much less social and economic disruption we would have.
I just hope Martin has the courage to revive this bill after the election.

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