Monday, May 10, 2004

Notes for a speech 

to be given by Dubya on July 4, 2004.
- [start with Iraq - call it success] Taking nation to war vr hard but I prayed every day for God's guidance and support and he gave it to me. God made me a war president! [proud but humble tone]
- vr proud of successful handover to UN-mandated government. vr proud. got rid of world's worst dictator and started Iraq on road to democracy. No more mass graves and rape rooms. [mention rape rooms twice] Iraq will come to appreciate the great gift of freedom that we have given it. [subtext: any problems now are UN's problems and Iraq's problems, not America's problem any more.] Talk about safety for region [subtext: for Israel] Say I have made US safe from WMD and defeated world's greatest dictator [NOTE TO SELF: do not mention Iran, North Korea, Africa, Asia minor, middle-east. . .]
- God has blessed this great nation and great soldiers. God is proud of you'all. Yes, America can! Vr proud of troops, how well they fought, how brave for country. Country is putting the unfortunate incidents by just a few soldiers at Al Gah-ribby behind us. Moving forward, forward.
- terrorism - we've got them all on the run. but still have to be afraid, really afraid. Remember 9.ll, [repeat - 9.ll, 9.ll] I am the only one who can protect you, not that flip flopper who's running against me and against america. He doesn't know how to fight a war, his record proves that [laugh knowingly]
- economy strong, great - more tax cuts needed, creating more jobs every day, deficit to be cut in half [slur voice to make sure no sound bites for the D word] - job creation strong, great schools progress, Medicare strong, great families. [NOTE TO SELF - call everything STRONG, GREAT] - end with how God has blessed your war president [repeat- war president]
[NOTE TO SELF -- DO NOT mention immigration plan, anti-gay ammendment, Mars initiative, benefit cuts for soldiers, overtime pay rule changes, Medicate overcharges, Phlame investigation, memogate, energy policy, environmental regulation gutting, Halliburton, Enron . . .]

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