Thursday, May 06, 2004

The right to choose but no place to choose it 

Canadians For Choice is taking on the fight for access to hospital abortions
When my daughter told me that Canadian women were losing the right to chose, I didn't understand what she meant. I had no idea things were this bad. Now I read Peter Wilson's article in the Globe -- " A CARAL study last year concluded that more than four out of five Canadian hospitals do not perform abortions. In Prince Edward Island not a single hospital provided the service. Across the Prairies, women can obtain abortions in only 5 per cent of hospitals. Finding a hospital that performs abortions is hard enough, but in many cases that's just the first of many obstacles. Gestation limits range from 10 to 23 weeks, CARAL found, noting that inconsistencies exist even within individual hospitals. In New Brunswick, in direct contravention of the law, the approval of two doctors is required. When a CARAL researcher posed as a woman needing an abortion, 95 per cent of B.C. hospitals told her to contact a family physician or go to a walk-in clinic. Fifteen hospitals nationwide referred her to an anti-choice agency and 16 hung up outright."
This is deja-vu all over again -- we FOUGHT this battle 30 years ago. We WON it 20 years ago. And now we have to fight it again?
Well, OK, I guess we do, and we will win again. Because what other choice do we have? Access to abortion is the cornerstone of women's rights, pure and simple.

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