Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A chilling scenario 

The Poor Man sets up a "how to look like you could be a terrorist" scenario:
One day, you’re sitting at your desk eating Cheetos when the phone rings.
It’s your old college buddy, calling to check in from his exciting new job overseas! He’s working for an important multinational corporation . . . he gives the number of the phone he’s calling you from. By a funny coincidence, that phone number, three years ago, was connected to a cell phone that was stolen by a . . . Pakistani kid who rang up a lot of calls to rural Kashmir. You don’t know that, of course.
A few months later, you take a trip to lovely Mexico. While there, you buy a calling card, so you can check in on the homefront without running up huge roaming charges on your cell phone. You also take some pictures of picturesque Mexican buildings, and post them . . . on the internet for friends and family to see.
When you get home, catching up on your news, you are shocked and horrified to learn that the islamofascists have decapitated another hostage. Intrigued in spite of yourself, and eager to stay informed about the depths to which those murderous bastards will sink, you find the video of the killing on the internet, and watch it on your computer.
Soon, in a festive all-black building in surbuban Maryland, a pock-faced jr. espionagateer gets a message from the big computers with the all the wires and antennas. The message has your name!
I wonder about is this -- that while the alphabet soup agencies are spending tens of millions tracking people like our token Mr. Cheetos here, wouldn't any actual terrorists manage to keep such a low profile that they would get lost in this crowd.
And one other point -- instead of calling this everyman Mr. Cheetos, perhaps we should call him Mr. Arar. The 'evidence' which raised all the suspicion against Maher Arar seems just about as flimsy as what the Poorman posted.

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