Friday, January 02, 2009

Let's give Canada a wedgie! 

Canada's Conservatives, bless their hearts! They just never met a wedge issue they didn't like!
Now they're trying to pit those of us who (still) have a job against those of us who don't -- here's Canada's own Monte Solberg bitching about how he wants all those slackers to get off his lawn. In the Conservative lexicon, anyone with a job should think that anyone without a job is just disgusting scum.
As Scott and Jan note, Employment Insurance is not welfare, as much as Conservatives like Harper and Solbert would like to portray it this way. And us employed people would totally support spending the entire EI fund on unemployed people -- a boat we all could be in one day.
Hey, bring it on! I want those surplus billions injected into the economy and the sooner the better!
What neither the Conservative government nor the Liberals before them want us to realize is that the Employment Insurance fund isn't government money at all. It's our money, yours and mine. And disbursements from the EI surplus are not noblesse oblige either -- all of us who have paid into EI for years and years are entitled to it.
I suspect Solberg has heard a whisper that the Cons are actually thinking about enacting the Coalition promise to abandon the two-week waiting period for EI benefits, and as a true blue Conservative, apparently he thinks its outrageous that people should be able to continue to pay their mortgages and feed their families while they're looking for work.
Keep it up, guys -- attitudes like this will ensure that Canadians won't vote for you again.

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