Saturday, January 17, 2009


Steve looks back on what the Harper government has done for the last seven months to deal with the economic crisis:
. . . in the face of an economic storm, our government has been AWOL . . . when I hear talk from the likes of Baird about "quick action" and recognizing the gravity, the proud record of pre-emptive measures, it's worth remembering- 221 days of a Parliament completely AWOL, during the worst economic crisis in at least a generation. . . . where was the Government of Canada during the crucial time? Either on holiday, forcing an election, proroguing Parliament or spending all their energy trying to kill political opponents. That's it, while Rome burned. A disgrace, by any measure.
One of the notable observations about the self-pitying Bush speech last night was that Bush thinks he should get a gold star just for showing up.
Well, Harper hasn't even done that.

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