Saturday, January 17, 2009

To see ourselves as other see us 

It's always interesting to read about your city from the viewpoint of someone who had never been here before.
Pretty positive article, except she seemed a little surprised that the hotel was so nice. And of course she mentioned the cold -- and boy, has it ever been cold lately. But its finally warmed up now.
You know, we have large numbers of university students coming here from semi-tropical countries and they must be absolutely stunned at their first winter here. But one thing I tell them -- once you realize that you can live quite happily in Saskatchewan summer and winter, then you can live anywhere in the world, because weather simply will never be a factor to you again.
When we lived on the west coast, we met people who actually could not live in any other part of the country because they were so afraid of winter. So their careers were really truncated as a result.

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