Friday, July 24, 2009

Another gay festival denied by Cons 

I almost missed this story because of traveling, but Dawg sums it up:
Egg, meet face.
It doesn't surprise me in the least that Diverse-Cite's funding was denied regardless of how well they met the program's funding criteria. Why would Tony Clement have been placed in charge of this file anyway, if not to find some excuse for injecting Con politics into government funding decisions? Diane Ablonczy actually seemed to have some respect for the government program rules about how to spend taxpayer money. Can't have that! Clement knows what Conservative Cabinet ministers are supposed to do -- subvert the rules to do whatever Dear Leader wants.
What was most amusing, in a rueful sort of way, was how the media coverage tried to make this into a regional thing, East vs West, or a language thing, Quebec vs Everybody Else, when the actual basis of the story was always a homophobia thing, Teh Gay vs Religious Right. Like I said two weeks ago:
I think Canadian arts organizers can say bye bye to all those other grants which had been given to gay organizations across the country, now that these are also going to be on the Religious Right target list.

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