Tuesday, April 05, 2011

StealthCon Crowds

Last election, we had the StealthCon candidates -- people running for the Conservatives to represent constituencies who refused to attend any constituency debates. It was Canada-wide ploy obviously orchestrated by the Conservative party even though none of the candidates ever admitted what Ottawa was telling them to do. (And H/T to RossK for inventing the term.) Their disappearing acts during the campaign may have disappointed their voters, but it certainly turned out to be useful practice for after the election when nobody could find Conservative MPs to say boo about anything.
Now we're seeing the 2011 version -- lets call them the StealthCon Crowds.
These are the mythical crowds of enthusiastic Conservative supporters who are supposedly turning up to cheer for Harper at every stop, those "big crowds" of invisible Canadians who are apparently turning out in droves for Harper's appearances, but none of the media is apparently able to see them.
I don't think the Cons will be seeing then on May 2.

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