Thursday, July 05, 2012

Liberals, clean up this mess 

The federal Liberals had better do something quick to clean up the mess from these leadership race debts of Martha Hall Findlay, Hedy Fry, Joe Volpe and Ken Dryden.  Or else the whole party will look like a bunch of deadbeats who can't handle money.
And how ridiculous is it that Hall Findlay -- knocked out after the first ballot in 2006 -- is thinking about running AGAIN?
One of the best things about the leadership race of 2009 was that there was no race -- Ignatieff just ascended and that was it.  This time around, the Liberals don't need a repeat of 2006, with a batch of no-chance no-names travelling around the country giving speeches. The Toronto Star writes:
. . . the Liberal race is not some student council election or a kids’ soccer team where everybody gets an equal chance to participate so no one’s feelings are hurt.
Arguably this race is the most important in the Liberals’ history, given that the party is at an all-time low in terms of seats in Parliament.. . .
What Liberals should avoid is wasting valuable time and effort simply to feed the egos of candidates who have no hope of leading them out of the wilderness.
Justin Trudeau, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

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The Liberal Party can't clean up this mess. The four individuals have to clean it up themselves. It's not a rarty debt, it's a personal debt.

By Blogger Tom, at 11:10 am  

I know that, but the party has to do something about this -- cosign a line of credit or something to get these debts out of the news.

By Blogger CathiefromCanada, at 1:19 pm  

The Liberal Party is broke and things are going to get worse. The LAST thing the party needs to do is take on any responsibility for these debts. And handing Ignatieff the leadership on a silver platter was probably the dumbest move in Liberal history. We actually would have been better off with Dion, that's how unbelievably bad Ignatieff was (and still is given is recent stupidity).

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:37 pm  

Sorry Cath but Justin is mostly Margaret and very little Pierre. The party can't withstand another failed celeb leader. What it needs is a street fighter who can shove the LPC back to the left and will speak to the issues plaguing Canadians. Inequality, climate change, healthcare and education. Ignatieff left scars and they have to be healed.

By Blogger The Mound of Sound, at 9:35 am  

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