Sunday, July 29, 2012

Medal madness 

Please, please, please, could a Canadian athlete win a medal in something in the next three days?
Because that's about how long it will take until the Canadian press starts up with another hysterical pitty party about how awful it is that Canada hasn't won a medal yet, and why have we spent all this money with NOTHING to show for it, and what a disappointment all our athletes are, and how its really all the coaches' fault, and those officials are soooo mean to us...
And. I. Do. Not. Want. To. Hear. It

UPDATE:  Thank you, Jesus. And congrats to Emilie Heymans and Jennifer Abel.

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hi Cathie...that makes two of us. It's the thing I hate most about the Olympics, or for that matter any sports contest Canada is involved in these days. The hyper nationalism, the bragging, the hideous sense of inadequacy bubbling up again. The absurd and totally un-Olympian notion that if you're not a winner you're a LOSER, which only puts more pressure on our athletes who are doing their best, and just by being there are WINNERS. It's simply disgusting, and totally pathetic...

By Blogger Simon, at 3:22 am  

Thanks, Simon. Yes, its bizarre and we go through the same thing every single olympics.

By Blogger CathiefromCanada, at 10:40 am  

You mean Canadians have a sense of inadequacy about them? Gee, I never would have guessed.

YOU believe in Jesus Cathie? I wouldn't have guessed that either!

By Anonymous U.S. Rules, at 1:17 pm  

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