Wednesday, October 03, 2012

How stupid do they think we are? 

Is anyone the least bit surprised that the Harper claim of "700 new food inspectors" is turning out to be a complete lie and the Ritz claim that XL Foods has a "full contingent" of CFIA staff is, at best, grossly misleading?
"There is a full contingent of inspectors on site, and there was before this incident," said Ritz, listing 40 inspectors and six veterinarians.
"That is a 20 per cent increase over the last couple of years. So we are ramping it up."
[Agriculture Union president]Kingston puts another spin on those same numbers.
The XL plant may have a "full contingent" now, but only after repeated union complaints to fill empty positions at the facility."That plant[XL Foods] was grossly — to the point of illegally — understaffed," Kingston claimed.
"All they've done is fill vacant positions. That's not quite the same as actually increasing the complement."
As for the overall 700 new inspectors everyone from the prime minister down has been citing in defence of the government's handling of the E. coli outbreak, Kingston says the number is meaningless.
"It's totally misleading to the Canadian public," he said. "It's not even worth discussing those numbers because they're simply not relevant to what's happened at XL beef."
"None of those 700 people went into slaughter plants — period."

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They think we are morons
It is classic Leo Strauss thinking from harpers "school of Calgary" learning...Strauss said the people were morons.
Then the name of the game (as we have witnessed) is gain power by any means available
tell any lie, use any trick, do anything
Then keep power and rule them
because they are morons.
and it worked on his base
and it worked to buy the conservative brand
and it worked pre-election in his fireside chat stating coalitions were uncanadian and HE was elected leader of Canada (we Canadians don't do that do we?)
and it will keep working
because i know for a fact
40% don't care enough to vote
40% care once every 4 years when they vote
So tomorrow if i stood at the post office and asked about the lies about meat inspectors that have been told....one in ten might know about it....and that one might be me.
It sucks Cathie but it is us
I don't believe you and i are morons
but for the most part we are up to our necks in them.

By Blogger lungta, at 1:29 am  

Here we go again...

Whistleblower Legislation Might Have Prevented Listeriosis Outbreak

FAIR Protecting Whistleblowers Who Protect The Public Interest

Once again, I suspect, the Con's will bluster and point fingers and deny, the MSM will drop the issue and everything will return to business as usual.

By Anonymous Blondin, at 6:49 am  

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