Wednesday, January 16, 2013


The newest hashtag is #Ottawapiskat -- SilentNoMore at Daily Kos explains:
Reacting to the outrageous hypocrisy of the Harper government, the artist Aaron Paquette created the brilliant twitter hashtag #Ottawapiskat, eliding Attawapiskat with Ottawa (derived from the Algonquin adawe, to trade.) Margaret Atwood and Naomi Klein quickly gave the hashtag legs
Here's some of the tweets:

And more:


  1. Anonymous5:47 am

    And all of that solves nothing, again. Addiction and suicide rampant in some reserves and you can count on the same group of people trying to score some kind of political points for some idiotic reason. This begins to get better when it stops being a Left/Right issue, and I say that as someone who has been observing this for 40 years now and watched govt after govt of all stripes throw money and this and hope it goes away, and, native children continue to grow up in poverty, continue to become addicts and, the hopelessness continues. The far Left and the far Right should do us all a favour and just shut their f'n mouths for once and let the adults start fixing this.

  2. Well, yes, but this hashtag is a well-deserved payback for the Harper Cons attempt to smear Chief Spence by leaking reports to the media about her supposed mismanagement.
    Glass houses, stones, yadda yadda.

  3. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Harper the Dictator trashed the Kelowna Accord, which trashed the F.N. people. We want the F.N. to be more self sufficient, and Harper trashes the tools for the F.N. to do so? What kind of an @$$ does a stupid thing like that? F.N. kids are expected to compete, in a high tech job market? How in the hell can they do this, without the education to enable them?

    Harper was supposed to give F.N. a better standard of education. He had a year to do some of what Chief Spence asked of Harper. As usual, Harper did nothing. If those kids can't go on to, University, College and Trade School? They can't break their cycle of poverty.

    The F.N. didn't need Reserves, until we came along. They didn't need money either, that is, until we slaughtered the Buffalo, a major food source for the F.N.

    What else have we brought the F.N? We brought them, measles, chicken pox, small pox, cholera, typhoid, TB, VD, and the liquor, we accuse them of drinking.

    We took F.N. children, away from their parents. We put them into, evil disgusting Residential Schools. They were denied their, language, their culture and their beliefs. Those kids were physically battered. Emotionally battered. They were sexually abused and even murdered. Those schools, were no better than a Concentration Camp. They never knew, when they would be next. Those kids came out of those evil schools with PTSD, from extreme abuse. I would drink too, if I lived through what those kids went through.

    Chief Spence did offer her books. Last years books, won't even be audited until March 2013. She has only been Chief since 2010.

    I want Harper to open his books. The AG can't complete his books. Harper refuses to give him the information he needs, to do so.

    Did Harper really need, a stupid fake lake for $1 billion? That is only a drop in a barrel, of our tax dollars being thieved and abused, by Harper and his CommieCons. Harper does not want us to see? The billions of our tax dollars being given to, corrupt greedy banks, mines, big corporations, and his favorite charity, big oil. He also gives them, huge tax reductions. Harper's books still remain, firmly closed. Don't expect them to be opened, any time soon.


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