Wednesday, March 13, 2013

They have no shame 

The Harper Cons spent $21 million on those boring Action Plan ads last year.

Rick Mercer was ranting about this last fall. And back then, it was a mere $16 million they were talking about spending.

A million here, a million there, pretty soon we're talking about real money!

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How is it wasted? Was it burnt?
21 mill found its way to tv stations, ad people, film crews etc. Its funny, economists will swear up and down that consumer confidence is still the main balancing act in a healthy economy.
With the constant bad news about Ontario's economy and the US economy 21 mill doesnt seem that much to spend to say things are not that bad. And, Rick Mercer is a comedian, he's funny and all that but, he's nothing more then a tv clown, not sure why so many people consider him to be a political expert.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:14 am  

Yes, that's true. And I cannot think of a more deserving group of people to get this money than the Mad Men in advertising and the people who own TV stations.
Not, heaven forbid, Aboriginal bands or welfare mothers or EI recipients or new businesses or farmers or all of the other people whom the Harper Cons have lectured so often about restraint and economy ...

By Blogger CathiefromCanada, at 9:02 am  

Don't forget that SUN News gets most of its ad revenue from running those things.


By Blogger thwap, at 11:04 am  

Yes Anonymous ,, the funds were wasted, burnt, thrown to the media wind by vainglorious and sanctimonious petro pimp political animules.. They've exceeded & blown sky high their projected, announced and allocated budget for advertising every single year.. and the overage just keeps jumping higher and higher and higher.

The current conservative game is to shuffle the invoices, delay or ignore the PBO Kevin Page or fight him in court which is about 1,000 per hour for Arthur Hamilton alone, never mind all the clerks, aides and other junior partners.

A tiny part of all the money went to actual 'production people' camera, sound, art direction, graphics, script, voice talent, editing etc.

By far the bulk of the money went to pay for the 'media buy' ie the endless 30 second bits of TV time.

Most of those ads can be created from scratch for 10 to 25 grand, all in. The ad agency getting rich while handling the 'Harper Government' account has a very organized & salaried person called a 'media buyer' who manages the media buy.. and cuts cheques for the consortiums that own TV networks.

Remember .. Harper and Peter Kent ignored The Supreme Court order to fulfill their legal obligation to actually 'act' to protect species declared endangered. They stalled and blustered and appealed for about 5 or 6 years. When they got their majority ? Why they just deleted the Environmental Law. Solved that damn boreal caribou problem by making it legal now for them to be endangered.

By Blogger the salamander, at 11:53 am  

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