Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lac-Mégantic disaster 

The Lac-Mégantic disaster happened when we were on holidays and we were not really following the news.
Now that I am catching up, I have realized that the magnitude of this terrible disaster.  Police have now released several photos of the destruction.
These comparison photos ran in our newspaper:

The more I read about it, the more it looks to be one of those "perfect storm" situations where a series of problems and maybe also some human or systematic errors cascaded and compounded.  Looking at the photos, its not surprising that they haven't found all of the bodies yet, and maybe never will.

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By Blogger Web Master, at 1:33 am  

I keep hearing about the "perfect storm".

Here is the perfect storm listing

Long train with 70+ tank cars
Long Hill
urbanization at base of hill
Curve at base of hill
Single crewman
Fire on engine
Brake Failure or Possible mistake applying brakes

Out of all these only 2 are out of the norm.

Fire on engine
Brake Failure

all the others look like any town built along a river. As such they are multipliers, not separate issues.

So we have a fire on an engine, leading somehow to a brake failure. Town at bottom of hill - EPIC disaster, and no one is discussing the crux of the matter - how do we make the transport of hazardous/explosive materials safer.

Especially when we introduce manual interactions into these systems.

To be honest, all I have heard are attempts to control the story to avoid liability and future operating costs.

BemusedLurker (

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:43 am  

I think this terrible accident will end up being attributed to a number of factors, but I agree that we need to deal with the larger issues of transportation of dangerous substances as well as regulatory frameworks. There will always be human errors, and one of the goals is to try to make sure that errors don't have such catastrophic results.

By Blogger CathiefromCanada, at 12:10 am  

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