Friday, February 07, 2014

Flying colours 

This one is funny

This one, not so much

Both demonstrate that the worldwide anger at Russia for their homophobia isn't dying down and won't be going away.
Canadian cities are flying rainbow flags throughout the Olympics to demonstrate their support.  (Rob Ford, of course, continues down the wrong side of history but he's not really the mayor anymore so nobody cares what he thinks.)
Here is Montreal:
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford doesn't want rainbow flag flown at city hall during Olympics

Flip, flop, fly: Rainbow flag flies at Edmonton City Hall and Calgary follows suit

At AthleteAlly, the athletes are gathering support for the Principle 6 campaign.

AT&T is speaking out, and urging other companies to do likewise.
And Google has declared its colours:

Olympic Charter: Today's Google Doodle make a big statement about gay rights and the Sochi Games.

I think its another sign of the times that the Globe and Mail is covering this not as a political/social issue but in the business pages.

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It's really rather a good thing for the LGBT rights movement that just as they're making some progress a country we're looking for excuses to make an official Bad Guy starts acting like an asshole in that particular way. The demands of propaganda are forcing a massive official lining up behind gay rights of tons of powerful jerks who wouldn't know a gay right if it bit them.

It's perhaps unfortunate for the actual Russian gays, because now gay-bashing is going to be a patriotic Russian thing that shows you're not afraid of the Yankees. But on balance it seems like there are a lot more countries lining up pro-gay-rights because of this, so good thing on average I guess?

Kind of obvious that many of the forces pushing this have no interest whatsoever in rights, though. I mean, if rights were the point we'd have been doing this for the Beijing Olympics--hello, totalitarian country!

By Blogger Purple library guy, at 1:29 am  

hi cathie....excellent post. I hadn't seen that second video and it's really awesome. As for the first video, I hate to admit it, but I was too prudish to run it... ;)

By Blogger Simon, at 5:56 am  

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