Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What the War Nerd says about the Crimea 

Over the years, whenever there is a war going on just about anywhere, it's The War Nerd, Gary Brecher, who seems to explain it better than anyone else.
So I've been wondering what he would say about the Crimea and here it is: basically, that the West is f**ked:
The two versions of Russia — McCain’s “gas station masquerading as a country” and Lake’s fearsome conqueror — both start from the same bitter knowledge . . . It’s a simple one: Russia will take Crimea, won’t pay a big price for it, and there’s not a thing anyone can do about it. . . . Russia is now the world’s #1 oil exporting nation, topping Saudi Arabia — that beacon of democracy and fine American ally — by more than a million barrels a day.
With reserves estimated at 80 billion barrels, Russia will have a stash of what everybody wants for a long, long time.
Which makes it kind of a big gas station . . . The crude must flow, no matter how crudely its Russian owners behave.
The only media that seem willing to acknowledge this are the finance sites. They can’t afford to let jingoism affect their bets, so they’ve been surprisingly clear-headed, saying outright that there’s nothing the West can do

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What we can do is seriously and deliberately move away from a fossil fuel economy. The more we do so, the less influence the oil soaked countries & corporations will have and our environment will thank us.

By Anonymous Al Hunter, at 10:18 am  


By Blogger CathiefromCanada, at 11:58 pm  

well the guy just about said it all. We will not be changing away from fossil fuel any time soon. No one is going to stop purchasing cars or start using public transport. Oil is used for all sorts of things. Just start with plastic. Anyone going to stop using plastic spoons, not so much.

What countries like Canada can do is stop exporting their oil to other countries which do not meet "democratic standards". We need to give serious thought to not exporting our tar/oil to China. We will weaken our own position in the world.

Any war in the Crimea is a non starter. No one has the stomach for it. They don't want another Syria and no one wants another Crimean war. Harper can go over to the Ukraine and make all sorts of comments, but really, who is listening. Anyone who has read about the last Crimean war, when Britain got into it, will realize no one is going there again. Until Russia gets to the German border nothing is going to happen.

Russia is back to being a top dog and until internal civil unrest starts, nothing is going to change. The Russians are much tougher than North Americans, they have been through a lot more. People aren't going to volunteer for the Armed Forces to go to war. The North American governments haven't done enough to assist the last bunch who survived fighting in the middle east. They are still committing suicide at an incredible rate.

If other countries were really serious about dealing with Russia, they might want to stop selling them arms. How about it Harper. Now that won't happen, it will impinge upon the profit margins of his friends.

The West paid the Saudi's trillions and got nothing back. Lets just stay home for awhile and try to get on with improving our own countries. The citizens of the Crimea are pretty clear, they don't want to get killed over any of this.

People in Russia might not have a great standard of living, in some people's opinion, but really have they had a good look around North America. Its not improving, its getting worse.

By Anonymous e.a.f., at 2:20 am  

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