Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Outraged innocence and plaintive pathos 

If you sensed a certain lack of enthusiasm from the Harper Cons about their own decision to approve the Northern Gateway pipeline, you were right.
A day after accepting a review panel’s recommendation to impose more than 200 conditions on the Northern Gateway project, a government spokesman is now insisting the Conservatives have not approved the pipeline.
Instead, it’s just “a maybe,” a spokesman for Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford says.

So when the protests gear up, this is how the Harper Cons are going to play it -- outraged innocence and plaintive pathos.
They will stamp their little feet and proclaim how we have hurt their delicate fee-fees if we dare to claim they approved Northern Gateway.

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By Blogger double nickel, at 9:22 am  

If i was a Liberal in Alberta, I'd start hammering Harper for showing no backbone in defending what is an obvious winner. Having his minions run from the media, deflect involvement in the decision (after they appointed the damn committee, changing all the parameters and regulations)... What kind of spine is that? How is that standing up for Alberta? I'd be so pissed, but then I'd also point out that this is like the party that implemented massive cuts to Canada Post and hollus-bollus changes to our pension plan -- a government that doesn't have the balls to show conviction (unless its one of their lackies being hauled before a judge, where they get convicted all right)... Harper is pathetic and needs to be show for what he is. I don't support NOrthern Gateway, but this talking out of both sides of his mouth, running from responsibility truly highlights his character.

By Blogger rockfish, at 12:40 am  

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