Saturday, October 24, 2015

So what's our excuse? 

Montreal Simon has a great column on The Battle to Liberate Canada and the Betrayal of the MSM where he notes a determined effort on the part of Canadian media to "move on" and just forget all about the Harper years:
This would also be my message to Andrew Coyne, and all the other casual collaborators in the MSM, who would have us move on and forget the Decade of Darkness as if it never happened.
We will NEVER stop writing about that nightmare, until the day the guilty are held accountable for their crimes against Canada.
Until the day we can determine whether Stephen Harper used government departments and the security services as political weapons against his own people.
And of course, until the day we can be sure that his foul legacy is finally buried...
The United States has seen a determined effort to wipe everyone's memory about what happened during the eight Bush years, to the point that the US media was shocked, SHOCKED, this week when Donald Trump reminded everyone that Bush was actually in charge of the American government when America experienced 9/11.
But at least America had 9/11 as an excuse for going mad.
What's Canada's excuse?
Our FPTP electoral system?  That a few people were mad at the Wheat Board, the CTRC, and the long-form census?
And what is the excuse for years and years of craven, cowardly behaviour on the part of dozens and dozens of elected MPs -- all those Con MPs who spent years forelock-tugging, knuckling under, kowtowing to everything that the Hitler Youth in Harper's office told them to do?
I don't know, but I agree with Simon that we'd better keep on talking about what happened.
So it won't ever happen again.

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hi Cathie...thanks for linking to my post, and for helping spread the message so eloquently, that although we now can move forward and reimagine our country, we can't forget what happened, and those responsible must be held accountable. I'm still hopeful that will happen, once people recover from the trauma of those years, and the wonderful feeling of not having to worry about what atrocity Harper and his Cons might commit next. But it will probably be up to us to do that because I'm afraid our MSM will probably want to let sleeping dogs lie, so as not to to remind Canadians of how they failed them in their hour of need. I must confess that I am in no shape to do that at the moment, as the stress of the last few weeks has left me totally exhausted.Yikes. But I hope that others will carry that struggle forward, for we do need to ask ourselves some hard questions. How could Stephen Harper get away with what he did for so long. And how could such vicious racism erupt in our midst, and for a while at least poison the campaign and our society. As you point out, it has happened before in the U.S., and in Britain today Tony Blair was still trying to duck his reeponsibility for the war in Iraq. So we can't allow the Cons to get away with that here. The good news is that we did beat them, and so we will get our chance to rebuild our country. But as that famous philosopher once said, those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past are condemned to repeat them...

By Blogger Simon, at 10:12 pm  

One more (well hundreds more but one blog posting) reason to remind ourselves why Harper was poisonous. Below is a link that only chronicles the Harper war on science. Sometimes the Harper/Cons behaviour fades a bit from memory and one only remembers some of the outrages.

I was listening to The Current on CBC this morning and the two Con MPs (former MPs?) seemed in denial; they kept insisting that it was a matter of perception or personal dislike of the leader that did them in, certainly not their outstanding policies. It looked like a magnificent example of cognitive dissonance in action. I suppose we should hope that they stay in denial; it should keep them out of government for at least another century. I wonder if Tim Hudak would consider running for leader of the Cons.


By Blogger jrkrideau, at 10:26 am  

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