Thursday, December 04, 2008


Tonight I noticed this comment to the Western Standard story about Harper's speech:
"Her Excellency". Makes me want to vomit. Makes me want to pick up and move my family. Might as well call her "Your Majesty". Think she'll shake a few chicken bones to figure out what to do?
Then I saw this post, titled:
Do you tink itz izzy being da oppazishun?
And this one titled
Do you t’ink it’s easy to deliver a tape to the media?
And then there was this knee-slapper:
"Do you tink it's izzy to make a webcam?
These are the people who think their guy should run the country. Sorta makes you throw up in your mouth a little bit, doesn't it.
UPDATE: Some of the commenters to this post obviously don't get my point. The people who said these things are jerks not because of what they said but because of how they said it -- they think its funny to insult Michaelle Jean's Haitian heritage and to sneer at a French accent.

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