Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving, America

You know what I'm not looking forward to?

It's about ten weeks until the Olympics begin.
And in that time, there will be ten thousand stories about how poorly prepared Russia is to host these games.
To be followed on Day 2 by the assembled world press expressing pleased and gratified surprise at how beautifully everything is going.
In other words, the usual Olympic narrative.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Riders win!

Roughriders top Ticats to win 101st Grey Cup at home

The Sgt Schultz defense

We're supposed to believe that not only did Harper know nothing about Wright's $90,000 cheque to Duffy, he also knew nothing about the previous plan to get the Conservative Party to pay Duffy's expenses and he knew nothing about the phone call to the auditors to try to stop the Duffy audit.

So what WAS Harper paying such attention to in February and March, 2013, that he didn't bother to ask anyone about the Duffy situation?  Well, the NHL lockout ended in January, the Brier was in March, and in April Justin Trudeau was elected Liberal leader.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I feel like Charlie Brown's football

1107charlie brown lucy football
Every time I start to think that maybe the Harper Cons aren't so bad, I find out that actually, they're worse.
When disaster strikes somewhere in the world, like now with the recent Philippines storm, our government routinely now announces it will match Canadian donations.  Pretty generous, I've thought.
Remarkably generous.
But now I find out that even though I am giving my donation to a charitable group, the Harper Cons are maybe not:
The Conservative government has severed long-standing ties with many of Canada’s largest and oldest aid organizations over the past few years, and instead focused its efforts on mining companies and other private sector actors.
Mining companies?
Yes it turns out to be true -- see here and here.
As usual, I'm the last to know.

Just shut up

Production costs?  Oh, give me a break.
Big City Lib suggests a secret statement and Montreal Simon says The Ford Nation is Dead !!!!  Mound of Sound suspects that Ottawa has sent the message now.
Yes, I think its pretty obvious what happened.
While initially welcoming the distraction from the Senate expenses scandal, the Harper Cons watched in horror as the Rob Ford story blew up into an international clusterf*ck that will tarnish Harper's own righteous image and endanger his crucial Toronto seats.
So sometime Sunday afternoon or Monday, somebody made an uncomfortable phone call to Sun News and told them to find some excuse to get the Ford family circus off the air.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Krusty and his brother will now be appearing on Sun News

Sun News thinks they're going to cash in big by giving the Ford brothers a weekly TV show?
They just destroyed their credibility as a news network.  Here's the twitter reaction:


I saw this on twitter -- a migrating pod of Beluga whales in Nunavut Inlet:

Monday, November 11, 2013

Lest we forget? The Harper Cons have forgotten

Before any other kids sign up for the Canadian forces, I hope they (and their parents) realize that their service is no longer honoured by the Harper Cons.  If they are injured on duty, the Harper Cons will throw them away.
Mike Duffy can get more than $100,000 from the Harper Cons.  Canadian soldiers, not so much.
The Harper Cons will, of course, continue to show up for battle honours ceremonies and ribbon-cuttings at memorials. But when it comes to really supporting the troops -- giving them enough money to live on after their service to Canada has cost them their health and their capacity to work - the Harper Cons are nowhere to be found.
Barbara Kay's National Post column demonstrates that the Harper Cons have already forgotten Canada's soldiers:
Today there are more than 76,000 veterans suffering from lifelong disabilities springing directly from their military service, a casualty rate of more than 10%. ... less than 1% of Canada’s veterans are receiving any economic benefits from VAC. VAC recognizes only 1,428 veterans as eligible for economic support until age 65, a mere 0.2% of Canadian Forces veterans. It is estimated that fewer than half are receiving the seriously-injured allowance to which they are entitled.
Other federal actions also rankle. Reports suggest veterans are being discharged before they reach the 10-year limit at which they are eligible to receive a pension. And a fund to help pay burial costs for veterans only applies to the most hard-up of cases, excluding almost anyone short of abject poverty.
Rick Mercer's rant deserves repeating:

November 11 has become a shameful day.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Proof positive

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford blows a kiss to the media as he tooks pains to avoid them at city hall on Wednesday, a day after he admitted to having smoked crack cocaine.
Well there's one thing that the Rob Ford administration proves beyond a shadow of a doubt: any idiot can run the city of Toronto.
Mayor Rob Ford's own deputy mayor and council speaker publicly urged him to take a leave of absence, protesters outside city hall demanded his resignation, one of his longest-serving aides resigned, and an ex-wrestler showed up to yell things at him.
Ford’s response: a kiss, blown at the journalists to whom he said not a word. . . .
Ford promised Sunday to meet the media “anywhere” other than his home. But he has not yet made himself available to face any of the numerous questions he has not yet answered on the extent of his use of illegal drugs, his associations with criminals, and his secret meetings with an accused drug dealer now charged with extortion for allegedly attempting to obtain the video Ford said in May “doesn’t exist.”
His second press conference yesterday showed that Ford sees himself as the victim in all of this, unfairly persecuted for being a drunken lout who just luuuvvvves his city soooooo much.

The least of these

Why is it so startling to see true Christianity in action?
Pope Francis Kisses Severely Disfigured Man And Prays With Him  Francis saw the man from his car, stopped the motorcade, went and hugged him and prayed with him.

The pope then laid his hands on the man's head and began to pray.
The commenters at Buzzfeed said the man has Neurofibromatosis, tumors of the face, a very disfiguring and painful condition.

Monday, November 04, 2013

A thing of beauty

Watch this expert driver back a 50' trailer into a space that I might have trouble backing into with my car: