Wednesday, February 28, 2024

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Friday, February 23, 2024

Poilievre wants Canadian Porn Constables -- our new CPC!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week -- my laptop was in the shop. 
But tonight I'm back to it again, and just in time! 
Because it was one of those weeks when Christ, what an asshole! should have been trending. 
I don't know why Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leader Pierre Poilievre decided to turn his focus away from actual election issues -- housing, consumer prices -- and toward culture war craziness like transgender bathroom usage and starting a federal Jerk-Off registration agency. But he is getting horselaughs across the country.
I think we should call this the new CPC - Canadian Porn Constables: Even media who smile and nod when someone is lambasting Trudeau are mystified by Poilievre's new porn policing ID idea: Evan Scrimshaw, Poilievre's Graphic Gambit a Needless Gamble
... On a week that started with Justin Trudeau standing beside David Eby announcing a big Federal support for a provincial housebuilding program, the end of the week is focused on showing ID to watch porn and what bathroom trans people can use because the Tory leader wants us focused on that. As a matter of motivating the Liberals and getting them back in gear, this has helped. As a matter of potentially reinvigorating the PPC, Poilievre has given them an issue. 
...Poilievre is taking the Tories off of an economic message that has worked for them into culture war fights there’s no guarantee they can win. And that’s a stupid thing to do when you could cruise control to the government benches. ...Going on flights of bigotry about trans just an excuse to those who are thinking about voting for Poilievre but don’t like it to come home....The porn flight of fancy is even dumber, because it’s a massive encroachment of civil liberties that threatens to give Max Bernier a defining issue at the next election,...

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Today's News: A Nelson moment for Canadian Press


So Canadian Press did their research. 
As Poilievre launched into attacking Trudeau for giving Bell Media a $40 million fee reduction in spite of firing journalists across the country, the Canadian Press found out this reduction was actually a Conservative idea. 
Ha ha!
Conservative and NDP MPs backed a 2022 amendment to the Online Streaming Act, opposed by the governing Liberals, that allowed Canada’s private broadcasters to save about $120 million a year in regulatory fees.
Bell’s share of those savings was $40 million — the precise total of annual operating losses the broadcaster’s parent, BCE Inc., cited when it slashed 4,800 jobs last week.
But Poilievre is now blaming Justin Trudeau for those cuts, calling on the prime minister to claw back some of his government’s federal grants to media companies.
...The June 2022 motion, introduced by Conservative MP John Nater, passed with the support of New Democrat and Bloc Quรฉbรฉcois MPs on the House of Commons heritage committee without debate.
The motion sought to amend the Liberals' update to broadcasting law, the Online Streaming Act, so that it would abolish certain licensing fees....

Friday, February 09, 2024

Today's News: Speculatively smearing Biden

In nine months, we will know whether Biden and the Democrats can win the American election. 
Though in 2020 Biden won the popular vote by millions, he only won the Electoral College distribution by less than 100,000 votes. Now we're into 2024, and this race is going to be a shitshow every step of the way. 
Trump the Orange Felon is desperate to get Biden impeached somehow. And he desperately wants to get Biden charged with some crime. 
So today Special Counsel Robert Hur at the US Justice Department issued an awful report on the so-called Biden document scandal. Even though Hur couldn't charge Biden after Biden reported that government documents from 2009-2016 were found in his garage, that didn't stop Hur from smearing Biden anyway by blue-skying about how maybe Biden could play the age card to a hypothetical jury in a hypothetical courtroom if - speaking speculatively you know - Biden actually were to be charged with a hypothetical crime. 
Over at Balloon Juice, John Cole summarizes it:
 ...the Justice Department has provided the media and Republicans with a both sides defense on documents to use in their fluffery of Trump, with a bonus dig at Biden’s mental health. So that’s fucking awesome. I remain very concerned about the Fall election. It’s clear that it does not matter how well things are going or anything concrete, a lot of people just want to burn shit to the ground and a lot of people just want to carry out their vengeance porn on the poor and minorities and those different than them. 
Some other comments here: Apparently Biden's meeting with the prosecutor came the day after the Hamas Massacre in Israel -- seems to me Biden might well have been a little distracted that day, with, you know, the possibility of war in the Middle East and all... At Talking Points Memo, Josh Marshall writes
...this is another example of the universal rule: Republican special counsels are chosen to investigate Democrats. And Republican special counsels are chosen to investigate Republicans. It may not have been a great idea for Merrick Garland to have a two-time Trump appointee investigate Joe Biden. But here we are. Robert Hur totally slimed Biden with these gratuitous comments about his mental acuity and memory, referring to him as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.” Even if you assume they are the product of a good faith evaluation they are still wildly inappropriate. 
DOJ guidelines make clear that if you’re not bringing charges you don’t bash the subject of the investigation in your announcement (a la James Comey). 
You certainly aren’t supposed to affirmatively attempt to demean the subject of the investigation with clearly political attacks that aren’t even related to what you’re investigating. Hur might as well have called him “Fake News Joe Biden.” It’s really that transparent and that bad.
Finally, this:

Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Today's News: Is Poilievre actually Mr. Roboto?

I thought yesterday's clip of Poilievre being interviewed by several reporters was very strange. 
Now, the questions from the reporters were odd too -- they seemed incredibly intimidated by Poilievre, fumbling and mumbling, their voices trembling as they tentatively asked questions. 
But what I really thought was bizarre was Poilievre's Robot-like answers -- he kept repeating his lines like a mantra - "Axe the tax, build the homes, fix the budget, stop the crime, ..." and he kept repeating his Trudeau smears word-for-word "crime wave across the country, 2 million people using food banks". It sounded like he has carefully memorized four lines of attack and has to just keep repeating them over and over, on some kind of bizarre endless loop. So now I'm wondering, is Pierre Poilievre actually just a robot?
He even looks a little like Mr. Roboto too, doesn't he? 
In his tweet about this clip, Charles Adler asks 
Is this slogan salad what the CPC leader misidentifies as common sense? Before wasting your time filling the reply box with the same tedious labels, listen to Poilievre's words and ask whether you have any friends in the real world who ghoulishly & foolishly speak like bots. 

Saturday, February 03, 2024

Words of Wisdom -- from Dark Brandon to Ford v Trudeau to Taylor Swift to Wikipedia's finest moment

Some interesting columns this week 
First, there was this controversy:
In Everyone is Entitled to My Opinion, Jeff Tiedrich writes Donald Trump’s a sick fuck, this I know — because Joe Biden tells me so hey Joe — tell us how you really feel:
we already know that Dark Brandon loves him some f-bombs...
...answer me this, you defenders of Dear Leader: where is the lie?
of course Trump’s a sick fuck. who else would look at a department store dressing room and think gosh, what a great place to rape someone.
of course he’s a fucking asshole. just look at … his entire fucking life.
but Donald John Diaperstain is more than just a sick fucking asshole. he’s also a quadrice-indicted twice-impeached popular-vote-losing adderall-huffing insurrection-leading testimony-ducking judge-threatening lawyer-ignoring witness-tampering day-one-dictatoring disabled-veteran-dishonoring inheritance-squandering clown-makeup-smearing language-mangling serial-sexual-predating draft-dodging casino-bankrupting butler-bullying daughter-perving hush-money-paying real-estate-scamming bone-spur-faking ketchup-hurling justice-obstructing classified-war-plan-thieving golf-cheating weather-map-defacing horse-paste-promoting paper-towel-flinging race-baiting tax-evading evidence-destroying charity-defrauding money-laundering diaper-filling 91-count fluorescent tangerine felony factory.