Thursday, January 01, 2009

The American Okee-doke 

In an interesting post about FDR and Obama, Lance Mannion also describes the American Okee-doke
From the beginning the Press has conspired in perpetuating what the sadly departed and sorely missed George Carlin called the American Okee-doke, the pretty lies and comforting half-truths that our corporate overseers use to keep us in line by getting us to accept the illusion that all is well in this great Republic of ours, feeding us, as Carlin says in his last concert for HBO , "just enough bullshit to hold things together." Those lies and half-truths include the following:
Land of the Free, home of the brave; all men are created equal; Justice is blind; the Press is free; your vote counts; business is honest; the police are on your side; God is watching you; your standard of living will never decline; and everything is going to be just fine.
"It's all bullshit, folks," says Carlin, almost as his goodbye, "And it's bad for you."
I suppose the Canadian version might be here.

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