Sunday, January 04, 2009

Oh, for crying out loud 

We have another cause celebre, folks. It's so-called "third hand smoke" -- its the residue that smokers have hanging around them after they come in from outside, where they had a cigarette.
I think we could actually call this "Memories of Smoking", like President's Choice products.
Here's the first study about it -- well, its not exactly ABOUT it. After we read a lot of stuff about about how carcinogenic smoking is, we find out that the "study" was about whether anybody THINKS that this "third-hand smoke" is bad for children. Surprise, surprise, turns out some people DO think so. So the study didn't actually study the smoking residue itself, nor any impact it might actually have on anyone's health. And rather than concluding that "third-hand smoke" is somehow dangerous, it could just as well have concluded that the health police now have one more way to demonize people who smoke.

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