Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Didn't we used to have a press gallery? 

In an article about the horrendous refugee bill under which doctors are supposed to refuse basic health care to any brown people the Harper Cons don't like, Jim Creskey writes:
. . . the personal hardship stories and legal fallout that will result from the law's various measures and the way they are put into practice are yet to reach the notice of Canadian public opinion.
Didn't we used to have a press gallery in Ottawa that was supposed to keep the public informed about things like this, so that they could develop an opinion?  Or are twitter wars keeping everyone too busy these days?

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most of the mainstream media is owned by friends of stevie slime. do not expect them to keep the public informed.

the only way critical news now comes to the public eye/ear is through political blogs.

the press in b.c. has been missing for 10 yrs. scandal after scandal, assets given away/sold & still no word.

there is too much media control in the hands a too few. it is time the media conglomerts were broken up.

By Anonymous e.a.f., at 11:28 pm  

Holy crap...where did you crawl out from. Firstly...since when were all immigrants "brown"? Very racist for a so called progressive.
Second, the bill calls for new Canadians to receive the same "basic" health care that you or I would recieve. Not sure why your so over the top on this, but, if my grandmother cant dental work done because its too hard then a new Canadian stepping foot on Canadian soil shouldnt either. Its basically why the Liberals are a 3rd party right now..your outa touch with reality.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:33 am  

Maybe the press isn't covering this because they know they can't sell the latest looney-left talking points to people who have to pay for their own dental, optical, and prescriptions. I remember a 10 year period when I didn't see a dentist because I didn't have coverage, so why should a non-Canadian get that just because they show up here?

By Blogger The Rat, at 11:37 am  

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