Saturday, June 09, 2012

Fist pump 

Yes! Female pilot tosses passenger off flight for making sexist remarks:
A Brazilian airline says one of its female pilots tossed a passenger off a flight because he was making sexist comments about women flying planes.
Trip Airlines says in a Tuesday statement the pilot ejected the man before takeoff as he made loud, sexist comments upon learning the pilot was a woman. . . .
Trip says it won't tolerate disparaging remarks made about any of the 1,400 women working for the airline.

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Wondering where the news went in the story.
Is it that an airline passenger made sexist remarks about the female pilot, or that the pilot tossed passenger for making the sexist remarks or, and most unfortunately, the passenger was tossed after the plane landed?
Female pilot shows restraint with obnoxious passenger and becomes the notnews of the day.

By Blogger Zee, at 1:42 pm  

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