Thursday, October 18, 2012

Funny, isn't it 

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says planned changes to the pension plan for members of Parliament won’t take effect until after the next election, noting it would not be fair to change the rules during the current term.
Funny, isn't it how Conservatives believe that it would be outrageous to change MP pensions retroactively, but civil servants, airline pilots, and everybody else -- even football referees -- are just supposed to suck it up.

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Flaherty doesn't have the power to change MP pensions on his own. If he submits the legislation, and MPs vote to change their pensions, then they obviously think it's fair.

If civil servants were the ones voting for their own pension changes, the result would be fair since it would be what the civil servants wanted.

Flaherty isn't worried about fairness. He's worried about the backbench revolting and voting against the bill. Even these reforms to MP pensions might not pass if they weren't hidden within an omnibudget.

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