Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WTF was that? 

Holy shit News, Video and Gossip - Gawker
UPDATE: Darn it, it was a hoax. But the students got an A.

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hi Cathie...when I saw it I couldn't believe it. I spent half my life in that park when I was a kid and I never saw an eagle. Scary. I can only conclude it's the first sign of the impending Mayan Apocalypse. Run for your life, and keep your eyes on the sky... :)

By Blogger Simon, at 1:33 am  

That must be it, Simon -- thanks for the heads-up!

By Blogger CathiefromCanada, at 10:38 am  

Or it's a hoax...which it is. Faked video, or so I read.

By Blogger DBK, at 8:51 pm  

They deserved an A for duping so many. Good for them -- they can look forward to a career in their those field.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:07 pm  

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