Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Told ya so! 

When Julian Fantino was first appointed to the Veterans Affairs post -- eleven months ago! -- most of us progressives agreed that this was a disastrous decision by Harper.
Sure 'nuff -- now everybody realizes it:
With his ineptitude, walking away from veterans seeking a meeting, ignoring the plaintive cries of the spouse of a veteran suffering from PTSD, he has raised the profile of frustrated veterans and has single-handedly cemented a perception of an unflinching, uncaring, government disrespecting those who served this country with honour.
In the House of Commons, he has responded to questions of compassion by reading talking points.
Harper inexplicably placed a man with decades of experience with the regimental, hard-line, top-down approach to policing in a portfolio where he needed someone exuding sincerity, concern and a common touch.

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The media still doesn't get it:

Harper placed a man with decades of experience with the regimental and hard line top-down approach to following orders.

Sincerity, concern and a common touch applies to kittens.

By Blogger WILLY, at 9:51 pm  

He got the appointment because of his personality. That personality wasn't one I'd want in my friends. It is the type you want in someone who has to do something very unpleasant to a lot of nice people who did something good for your country but now you don't want to pay them for the work they did.

He has the job because a lot of other cons might not have been up to the job, you know, kick a person while they are down. even some cons have standards, but this guy, not so much

By Anonymous e.a.f., at 10:46 pm  

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