Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fantino "explains" government budgeting 

So it has been revealed that Veterans Affairs had $1.1 billion dollars in unused funding over seven years. Now Veterans Affairs minister Julian Fantino is claiming that the Harper Con's "balanced" budgets where not achieved at the expense of our veterans. He is minister-splaining the government budget to us ignorant plebs:
Fantino said claims that the unused funds were a strategy to balance the budget are false.
"The funding is allocated and if it's not spent it's recycled back into continuing programs and services for veterans. It's not lost money," said Fantino.
He called it a technical budget process that does not hamper services and programs for veterans.
"If I can put it bluntly, this is a technical kind of to and fro in the budgeting process of government," he said.
Oh, sure, that makes sense.  And those flying pigs over there are actually F-35s.

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"To and fro in the budgeting process..."

Sounds a lot like "In and Out" in the budgeting process.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:04 pm  

Yes, that's why it sounded so familiar!

By Blogger Cathie from Canada, at 11:02 pm  

Or like this: FAntino- "Hey honourable soldier for Canada, your cheque's in the mail, but we've cancelled the delivery to your house, so maybe you can go pick it up at XXX (fake address). -- thanks for your service! Oh and please make sure to bring your uniform to my campaign office opening!"

By Blogger rockfish, at 11:04 pm  

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