Friday, July 17, 2015

Watching Gawker implode -- grab the popcorn 

I have often enjoyed reading Gawker, particularly for goofy posts like this:

Not to mention how they single-handedly made Rob Ford's cocaine use into a major story in the United States, where it would otherwise have been ignored.
But what I don't like about Gawker is its juvenile and parochial tendency to start little wars with other New York media organizations -- Reddit, for example, and the New York Post, and now Conde Nast.
I haven't done any research on this because I don't want to affect my amateur status, but I would think these bizarre wars are a combination of 1) the Gawker organization hiring executives and/or reporters with grudges against former employers, and 2) inadequate editorial judgement which allows too many stupid stories to be posted by people with agendas instead of news judgement.
And now it has all come tumbling down. Last night I was shocked to read Gawker's mean-spirited and gratuitous "outing" of a Conde Nast chief financial officer -- I wasn't the only one, and Twitter death rays roasted Gawker all last night, resulting in Gawker removing the story earlier today, issuing a non-apology apology which was apparently misleading about how the removal decision was made, and now its own editorial staff is flipping out about the removal.
This isn't going to end well.

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This is the ultimate expression of that old leftist slogan, "The Personal Is Political". A slogan I have always found rather chilling.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:06 pm  

Yes, I can agree with that. The phrase began as a way to mobilize people, to make people realize that their personal experience with prejudice or economic challenge was not just their own fault but rather was a political issue which needed to be resolved by political action.

By Blogger Cathie from Canada, at 2:04 pm  

How irresponsible to let a dog run round in almost ready to harvest grain! Can you tell I grew up on a farm? :)

By Blogger jrkrideau, at 9:52 am  

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