Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Breaking News: Canadians are not stupid 

It will be amazing news to our news pundits, but Canadians are not stupid knee-jerk war-mongering pearl-clutching conservatives.
After all the news stories of the last week about how the Paris attacks made Canadians question Trudeau's decision on withdrawal from air attacks in Syria, and after all the blithe assertions I heard that Canadians wouldn't have voted for Trudeau if the attacks had happened before the election, today we find out that Trudeau is more popular than ever.
As of Friday, a week after the Paris attacks, Trudeau is the preferred prime minister for 53 per cent of Canadians. This is his highest level ever, and an increase of three percent since before the attacks. He is way ahead of the other party leaders, and the gap is widening. We also found out today that almost three quarters of Canadians think Trudeau is a good leader, while only a third think this highly of the Harper Cons.

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The MSM is getting worse if thats possible. The CBC today at noon had Obama and Hollande, talking about the Paris attacks for an hour. I kept the sound off. The Paris attacks are first and foremost daily leading the news. No discussion of Frances military involvement in Syria and Iraq. They also don't focus on the fact that several of the terrorists were of Algerian descent born in France.Algeria having been a colony of France and when Algeria wanted independence France slaughtered thousands of them. It's called the chickens coming home to roost. Killing innocent people as was done in Paris is horrendous and should be dealt with, but not giving context to the wests involvement in the middle east as being crucial to the rise of ISIS is just plain dishonest. The MSM does think Canadians are stupid as they spin the corporate media western line both domestically and globally. They continue to belittle Trudeau and in fact are completely wrong about his popularity with Canadians. They, like the CBC, spend time discussing such ridiculous topics like, wait for it, "Is the Trudeau Honeymoon over?" This is the same MSM that gave Harper, a full blown tyrant, who for the most part operated in secrecy while giving the MSM the middle finger, that same MSM gave Harper a complete pass. While Harper was dismantling our democracy the MSM was completely silent. Trudeau, though, they'll go after. Canadians didn't follow the MSM minimizing and belittling of Trudeau during the election and they don't follow them now. Canadians use their own judgement. Now I call that being smart.

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