Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Oh Gawd, here comes "Nannygate"! 

I expect any minute now some Canadian media will start using the term "Nannygate". The stupid, it burns!

As the Globe and Mail editorial rather grudgingly admitted, nobody expects the Trudeaus to pay for the gardeners or the cleaners or the housekeepers who look after their official residence. But now I guess the media expects us taxpayers to get all huffy about paying for their child care.

So does Canada want to elect politicians who have children? Well, somebody needs to care for those children, and its fine with me if the taxpayers cover the costs while mom and dad are busy doing the public's business.

I had no problem with Alison Redford taking her daughter with her on trips and doubtless the Harper family also hired nannies for child care when their children were young.  So I see no problem with the Trudeaus taking their children with them when they travel, and a nanny too.  Because no, they're not going to just hire babysitters for the evening through the hotel concierge.

Now we have to listen to the Harper Cons whining about Trudeau's child caregivers --  remember, this is the same bunch saw no problem in billing the public for Harper's haircuts.

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What is also annoying about this is that it is bogus on the facts as well. Trudeau was railing/opposing against an entire class getting a tax break it did not need using himself as a member of that class as an example. That is talking about saying spending many millions of tax payer dollars unnecessarily and wastefully when it could and should be better directed towards those that needed it more/most since the wealthy clearly did not need it. That is somehow being conflated and then equated with one family accepting public funds for the nannies by a PM with the sole common link being both are using taxpayer resources. It is NOT the same thing at all, and it is the inherent dishonesty and pandering to ignorance within this "scandal" that I find most troubling and offensive.

I'll grant the optics are not the best, but I see no hypocrisy here, just a lot of dishonesty by those looking for some way, any way to score points off Trudeau and to ding his shiny new car smell/look after his decisive election win of Oct 19. This is the sort of idiocy that infuriates me no matter who uses it against whatever target, because it is so clearly dishonest in both substance and purpose.

By Blogger Scotian, at 3:14 am  

In 2006 Harper's former chef sued for wrongful dismissal. He claimed he wasn't paid for duties including washing the car, burying the family pet cat and babysitting. It was settled out of court. Ottawa Citizen

I assume the public paid for that settlement and not Mr. Harper.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:54 am  

The fact that this is even passed off as a serious issue, or newsworthy reveals how low the MSM, starting with the CBC is reaching in their attempt to undermine Trudeau and the liberals. They are in fact insulting Canadians intelligence. It was the Canadian people that voted Harper out and gave Trudeau a majority.It's what we wanted! They gave Harper, a democracy hating,rights violating, secretive tyrant a complete pass for 9yrs. Harper and his CONs were destroying Canadian democracy, with the Support of the MSM by virtue of their total silence. We should start thinking of getting rid of the CBC. I do not like my tax dollars going toward a public broadcaster that could care less about the Canadian public and speaks only on behalf of the CON minority.I see they are continuing to give the CONs that are left a pass. Discovering that the CONs left a deficit, after promising a surplus, seems to be news for maybe a day. Harper making 49 appointments in secrecy during the election also seems to be short lived news.There has been no real discussion by the MSM about these issues.How about discussing the TPP and Harpers rush to sign it? Silence,but for the 3rd day they are discussing the taxpayers paying for Trudeaus nannies.They are so obviously, desperately trying to find an issue that they can turn into a scandal against Trudeau and this is only a month and a half of Trudeau being PM.!

By Blogger Pamela Mac Neil, at 10:49 am  


First, lets remove the Harperites appointed to run CBC's board and see whether that helps return the CPC into being a real news organization instead of a front for CPC messaging. I'm not ready to give up on the Beeb just yet, but it clearly needs a colonic to remove the CPC/Harperite feces currently clogging it up at the managerial level.

By Blogger Scotian, at 1:37 pm  

Are you Canadians allowed to use the "gate" suffix? I thought we'd trademarked that down here ... signed, blogenfreude

By Anonymous Steve in Manhattan, at 4:17 pm  

Steve in Manhattan:

Like so many other elements of your culture this too has been exported. Besides we had not had a scandal so defining as Watergate so as to create our own unique identifier, few democracies have, yet again, American Excellence/Manifest Destiny in action...*chuckle*

By Blogger Scotian, at 4:54 pm  

Bartkid sez,
I betcha the nannies cost a lot less than the $420,000 the previous administration spent on their niqab lawsuit. Sheesh, people.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:54 pm  

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