Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I though Conservatives were against government interference? 

UPDATE:  A commenter points out that McKenna is a Liberal, not a Conservative -- sorry, I had mis-read a website.  So I have updated my post accordingly, but I didn't withdraw it because I think the overall point is still valid.

Conservative politician Frank McKenna thinks immigrants should be required to live in the Maritimes when they first come to Canada.
Now let me say first that living in the Annapolis Valley in the spring could be pretty nice, really, especially compared to Whitehorse in the winter.
But I always thought it was Conservatives Liberals who believed that governments shouldn't be telling people what to do -- like with owning rifles and selling wheat.
I guess that was then and this is now.
Apparently Nova Scotia and New Brunswick think maybe McKenna has a good idea. And it starts out sounding sort of innocuous really:
He said the federal government should create a special program for Atlantic Canada that would require immigrants to live three to five years in the region before they are granted citizenship... He said forcing a Canadian citizen to live in a particular province would violate their mobility rights under the Constitution, but he said Constitutional scholars believe it would be a reasonable requirement for people seeking citizenship.
But my question is, just how, exactly, do they think this "special program" should be enforced?
Will we have to set up an "immigrant location" board, just like we have a parole board, to keep track of where people are living and whether they have completed their sentence -- um, location term?  Would they have to show up with their families in tow every two weeks or every month to "check in"?  And if they missed a check-in, then would we send out the IMLOs -- immigrant location officers -- who would raid the neighbours to search out where the family had moved to. And there would be "underground railways" to Toronto and Vancouver, so that immigrants could be shuffled around the country.
And then when we find them, we would have to move them back to the Maritimes so they could finish their sentence -- um, "location term".  But likely they couldn't be trusted not to run away again so then would be have to set up special "camps" for them to live in -- you know, with big signs at the entrance about how work will make you free...

Oh dear, we've gone Godwin already.

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Great post! Maybe they could also stamp on their right arm the letter I and the province such as N.B. so that everyone would know that they are an Immigrant, from New Brunswick(INB), in case they try to escape..um..leave. If they do get away to Toronto, Vancouver or other cities and the government comes looking for them, some Canadians may start hiding them even if threatened with imprisonment for doing so. A government who can dictate to people where they can and cannot live within the country is fast becoming a dictatorship or has already become one.

By Blogger Pamela Mac Neil, at 8:53 am  

Is this Conservative Frank McKenna the same McKenna who served as Liberal Premier?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:52 am  

Thanks, Anon -- I had mis-read a website and will edit the post accordingly.

By Blogger Cathie from Canada, at 1:21 am  

A government who can dictate to people where they can and cannot live within the country is fast becoming a dictatorship or has already become one.

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