Friday, February 12, 2016

This is why the Harper Cons lost the election 

So the Harper Cons figured out a complicated legalistic way to screw a few thousand poor First Nations people out of a few thousand dollars in long-overdue residential school reparations.
Now the Liberals have put a stop to it.
And that's why the Harper Cons lost the election -- too cheap, too mean, too incompetent.

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The reform/alliance/cons. can talk about the wrong campaign strategy costing them the election all they want. I think because of the longer election, Canadians got a closer look at Harper. He could no longer operate in secrecy even though mainstream Canadians could not attend his campaign stops because of the Cons. invitation only vetting. Canadians saw a mean, petty deceitful man who was their PM. We may even have been embarrassed when realizing this. He had to go! I read about the 1000+ plus First Nations who were dupped, by the Cons, out of their payment for their suffering in the Residential Schools.Disgusting!

By Blogger Pamela Mac Neil, at 3:45 pm  

I believe you left out vindictive, unethical/immoral, and driven by ideology rather than anything resembling facts or science.

By Blogger jrkrideau, at 2:06 pm  

This had zero to do with the CPC losing the election. The only reason why they lost is because the 6,000 journalists in the Canadian Media Guild registered with Elections Canada as third parties and campaigned against the CPC. Also, two executives from the CBC stepped down temporarily to campaign against the CPC, the greedy CBC SOBs looking for more even money from us taxpayers.

Then the Media Party went to work against the low info voters in Canada and it worked. As we saw in the election, there are a lot of low info voters in Canada. Indeed, these fools fell for the "Mike Duffy! Mike Duffy! Scandal of the Century" nonsense.

Additionally, there are far too many women who vote with their lady parts, instead of lady smarts. I can't tell you how many dumb women I talked to who were going to vote for him because of his looks and dreamy hair. Very shallow and ignorant voting for an unaccomplished airhead like Justin Trudeau.

Extremely Extreme Extremist (Triple E)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:28 pm  

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