Thursday, June 09, 2016

I'm a patriot too 

What is the matter with these people? In spite of all the positive talk at the Conservative convention, the Conservatives haven't changed a bit.
Harper isn't at their head anymore, but he's still their leader in their hearts.
Today, the CPC is doing whatever it can to obstruct a dying MP from making a picayune, sensible and long-overdue change to our national anthem:
Time is of the essence for the MP {Mauril  Belanger], who was diagnosed with ALS last fall and whose health has deteriorated over the past few weeks. But his determination to see Bill C-210 pass is inspiring people from inside and outside his party to support him.
After question period Thursday, government whip Andrew Leslie sought the unanimous consent of MPs to allow the bill — which would change the line "in all thy sons command" to "in all of us command," making it gender-neutral — to proceed under the whip's name to take some of the pressure off Bélanger.
Enough Tory MPs shouted their objection to deny unanimous consent for Leslie's motion.
Oooh -- changing "in all thy sons command" to "in all of us command" obviously demands  nation-wide hearings, according to CPC.
Personally, I've always hated that wording in the national anthem, it was a minor but definite insult to every woman in the country.
And there is nothing particularly sacred about the English version of O Canada.  The song was originally written in French in 1880, and it was more than 25 years before several versions of English lyrics were written. The line used to read "thou dost in us command". The "all thy sons command" version was introduced in 1914 -- likely with the idea of supporting the troops in WWI.
But "True patriot love in all of us command" is the way O Canada should always have been translated, so I'm glad Belanger wants to change it. And its the kind of change that would never happen except as someone's dying wish, because in the larger scheme of things, it is just so supremely unimportant that it would never rise to the top of any government agenda.
I'm glad its getting done at last.

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As an atheist, I'd also like to see "God" changed to "we," as in "We keep out land..."

Another small change, but again, I too want to be included.

By Anonymous Mark, at 6:15 am  

This disgusting airhead PM is undoing every good thing that PM Harper did for this country. We are the laughing stock of the world. A minister in charge of "climate change?" What an embarrassing joke we have become! PM Harper took the moral stand and committed ourselves to fighting Islamonazism, now PM Airhead talks about airdropping blankets and mittens in the mountains for the Yazidis being terrorized by the Islamonazis. I am so embarrassed :(

Not nice to take away the tribute to our brave men who fought in WW1--defeating leftist Germany in that craphole EUrinal! For what? To make it "gender neutral"?!

Shame on you for trying to use a dying person to get your way!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:41 pm  

Also, why are we importing so called Islamic refugees from the Middle East? None of these people are real refugees. They lived in Turkey and Jordan in apartments.
I saw on the official CDN government website all the hotel bills we have paid for these people, including $1,000,000 at the Four Season in Victoria! The Four Seasons is a luxury brand! Plus the $61/day we give each individual for a food allowance. They have big families - 6 or 7 - and my tax dollars is paying them approximately $450/day for restaurant meals?!
I wish you liberals (who actually work) had to pay for this, but I also am stuck with this bill :(
I know your beloved CBC ignores what is going on in the EUrinal, but the refugees have declared war on Europe. Rape rape violence and more violence. Have a gander at the European media. Most of them - like the CBC - refuse to report what is going on, but you can find it in the local media.

For all the (phony) claims of the Left being for women's rights and the LGBT community, this proves it is a crock. The Muslim culture treats women like crap and jail or even KILL gay people!

Any replies?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:19 pm  

Why don't you comment on Ezra Levant's blog or somewhere similar, where people might actually agree with you.

By Blogger Cathie from Canada, at 10:24 am  

What's next Cathie?
Will the Liberal Party bring out an old woman on life support to try and pass their Kill Grandma law?
Will you write a post calling yourself a patriot too?

Continue to live in your echo chamber if you like. I should've known you were not in the least bit interested in other opinions, when I saw your blog roll.

You must be deeply conflicted after what happened in Orlando. The far left's protected class (Muslims) slaughtered the far left's protected class (gay people).

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:10 am  

I bet there is going to be another Trump Bump in the polls after what happened in Orlando.
Already Trump has publically condemned King Putt and Hillary Clinton for refusing to use the word "Islam" when weighing in on the slaughter.
It is difficult to keep track of the hierarchy of all the protected classes in regressive ideology, but from Obama's and Hillary's refusal to say the word 'Muslim', it appears Muslim murderers are of a higher hierarchy than gays.
I'm not surprised. Regressives claim to support women, but are utterly silent on the way Muslim men treat Muslim women. A
Also, they claim to support the poor, but their ideology does little or nothing to help the poor.
Building pipelines creates jobs--that's awful!
Lowering taxes creates jobs--that's awful!
Forcing crooked Indian chiefs and councils who steal from their band members to report where they spend their money is awful! Better to keep band members in the dark, keep them poor, lash out at 'greedy rightwingers' and have their crooked Chiefs tell them to vote for compassionate leftwingers!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:21 am  

Hey! What about the pinkos and hippies?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:59 am  

There was a time when I would engage with this dip-shittery. But it's pointless, so no longer.

By Blogger thwap, at 7:02 am  

This is so much better than our anthem (US) - we especially enjoyed Terrance and Phillip's stirring rendition. And clearly you bombed the wrong Baldwin ... just sayin'.

By Anonymous Steve in Manhattan, at 1:43 pm  

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By Blogger Jeffy, at 12:37 am  

I, too, would like to see the superstitious nonsense removed along with making things gender neutral. Plus, also, too, sorry to see you still have at least one anonymous coward (so hard to tell how many arseholes when they're all too afraid to use their own names) flinging conservative poop all over the place. The more things change...

By Anonymous Tom, at 12:09 pm  

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