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Wet'suwet'en update 

He waited as long as he could, too long in the opinion of many.
He was obviously hoping that peaceful negotiation could bring down the rail barricades, in the best Canadian tradition.
But at last Justin Trudeau's patience was exhausted.The negotiations were going nowhere, because there were none.
"We can’t have dialogue when only one party is coming to the table. For this reason, we have no choice but to stop making the same overtures."
And for that the blame must go to these old men, the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs.
Like Montreal Simon, I could not believe how lackadaisical and disrespectful the hereditary chiefs were being in refusing to respond to Trudeau's obvious respect.
They didn't seem to realize that the time to make progress was NOW, this week, when they had Canada's attention and a great deal of support across the country. 
What they cannot do is keep raising the ante.
While the story earlier this week was that the Wet'suwet'en had worked out a deal for RCMP to move back to Houston BC, the story today was that they wanted both the RCMP AND the pipeline company to leave, and then "nation-to-nation discussions with Canada and BC" should start.
And the tactic of leisurely visiting Mohawk reserves in Eastern Canada and holding news conferences instead of talking to the prime minister doesn't make any sense.
"We are waiting for Indigenous leadership to show that it understands," [Trudeau] said in a news conference. "The onus is on them."
Injunctions to clear tracks must be obeyed and the law must be upheld, he said, adding that it is pointless to continue making overtures to Indigenous leaders if they aren't accepted.
"Let us be clear: all Canadians are paying the price. Some people can't get to work, others have lost their jobs," Trudeau said. "Essential goods … cannot get where they need to go."
The situation "is unacceptable and untenable," he said.
Canadian support has started to evaporate when the chiefs could not seem to articulate what they wanted to achieve - no pipeline at all? a pipeline but on a different route? more negotiations for the existing route?  -- and when thousands of Canadians were being increasingly affected, losing jobs and fearing for their heating oil supplies. 
Also as predicted earlier this week, Canadian support for Trudeau's whole reconciliation agenda was disintegrating as the railway disruptions continued with no end in sight.
Trudeau appeared to realize this too, after talking to the Premiers on Thursday and to Cabinet today.
On Twitter, the usual suspects were berating Trudeau for not acting first and thinking later. But Trudeau tried to resolve the blockades with dialogue instead of immediately turning the dispute into a dick-measuring contest like Scheer and McKay wanted.
At least the Mohawks are clear about what they want -- the Mohawks have an agreement with Indigenous Services minister Marc Miller that the Ontario trains will run as soon as RCMP have withdrawn to Houston from Wet’suwet’en territory. 
As Manitoba Premier Palliser said today, no individual or group has an absolute veto on natural resource projects.
“Public opinion matters on these things,” he said. “This federal Liberal government has said that reconciliation is a priority. But if you want real reconciliation, then you have to do the real work of achieving it. And you have to establish some parameters. You have to put a fence around the discussion to some degree. And you don't do that if you don't make it clear that everyone does not have a veto.”

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.. Perhaps inform yourself, as should Simon, Mainstream Media et al on several matters. The most important FACT being ignored is that the Coastal GasLink Pipeline runs from The Montney Fkrmation gas fields in Northwest BC to Kitimaat..'tidwater' as most political animals call British Columbia's coast

Then what, Cathy from Canada ? Does it seem something is missing from your picture, from Simon's picture puzzle, Trudeau's picture? What could possibly be in Kitimaat that a natural gas pipeline must cut right through the Aboriginal Title and Territory of the Wet'suwet'en Peoples.. right through that bunch of old men who are Hereditary Chiefs ? What or who are the RCMP actually defending. Do you think the natural gas on arriving in Kitimaat will evaporate or fly away somewhere via Tinkerbell ? Will bears eat it ?

Why not figure it out for yourself ? Like Simon could.. or Andrew Scheer or Mainstream Media ? Justin Trudeau knows.. so does BC's John Horgan, I know.. because I was curious enough to look, to discover. Picking sides is dirt easy, lazy.. even dangerous, so is piling on without a clue why you're piling on.

Why not wonder about the mystery in Kitimaat ? Why not wonder about the mysterious Benefits Agreements signed by 20 Tribal Chiefs and Band Councils ? Why not ask what entity actually did the Informing, Consulting, and Agreements as directed by The Supreme Court of Canada ? Why not ask who owns the gas rights in those gas fields and is already sending most of it south for domestic use and in the Alberta tar sands to increase Bitumen production (to lower emissions.. huh?) via pipelines. Why not ask where the electicity will come from via transmission lines to expand the gas fields ? Why not ask who will receive all the taxpayer paid subsidies involved and promised by our governments ? Why not ask why the original route of the pipeline changed and was approved to cut south of Houston and dead center through the Territory ? Why why why indeed.. and for whose Benefit.. ie Profit ? And why not ask why the price of LNG in Asia has crashed ?

Please tell me that you have heard of a 100% Foreign owned and controlled Consortium with the patriotic name - LNG Canada ? Surely Trudeau mentioned it last night ? Were any of the Consortium's principals at the news conference ? Come come, Cathy.. has anyone you know mentioned LNG Canada ? Have you heard the name on Mainstream Media ? From Andrew Scheer ? I have not.. nor have I read it anywhere in regard to this current travesty and conundrum. Its not mentioned either, in the Benefits Agreement that was leaked.. yes the agreement specifying the Tribal Chiefs and Band Councils must prevent ANY BAND MEMBERS from protesting, complaining in public or to the MEDIA re the terms of the deal or the pipeline.

PS .. unless some of 'those old men' had a sex change, perhaps Simon could retract his insult and apologize to any of 'those old women' who look like men, to Simon. If he wants to include me and my elder sister in the insult, glad to pick up the challenge and I will be asking him to explain with an identical copy of this comment, shortly.. perhaps some of his most partisan commenters wish to pile on as well

By Blogger the salamander, at 6:15 am  

Lackadaisical sounds like the remarks the racists I remember from my childhood in the 50"s . Calling the Chiefs lazy is incredibly evil and has no place on a blog called Progressive.

Contrary to your assertion , a meeting time and place were being arranged.

Contrary to your assertion, an alternate route was suggested by the Hereditary Chiefs but was ignored by the gas guys.

Rest assured when they get to the Supreme Court , I will send some more money for legal expenses. After all the law is on the side of the Hereditary Chiefs.

Go Salamander

By Blogger rumleyfips, at 8:26 am  

PS .. I visited Montreal Simon's current post as promised

I was astonished by the venom of the post and most of the comments he approved
The racism is shocking and unmistakeable ..

I doubt he will approve the comment of 'this old geezer'
I took the liberty of doing frame grabs of the post plus every comment
Thank you ..

By Blogger the salamander, at 9:31 am  

I have nothing to add to the comments above, Cathie, except my wholehearted concurrence. Why do you think the Council of Canadians so unreservedly supports the Wet'suwet'en? Your facts are wrong, dead wrong. Trudeau had a full term with a powerful majority yet he accomplished nothing on reconciliation. All he had to do was resurrect Paul Martin's Kelowna Accord. Nada. He made empty promises about bringing clean water to reserves where FN bands had been relocated. Oh yeah, and he was sure to wear his father's buckskins.

You plainly have no grasp of the unique problems faced by FNs in British Columbia, a province that never gave up its colonial posture toward these nations. Learning a bit of history might be helpful, Cathie.

By Blogger The Disaffected Lib, at 5:23 pm  

I disagree, obviously. I was supportive of the protests - see my post below -- even though I did not understand them.
But as the days passed with no progress, and with more and more people being hurt, I felt the Wetsuweten chiefs were not using the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to negotiate to get the dispute resolved - it wasn't even clear why they didn't seem to want to meet. So in the end it was Canadian workers who were paying the price, and this simply could not continue.
Now, I understand there is a lengthy history in this dispute. But a large number of Canadians were ready to support them, and then the chiefs let their supporters down, by not taking Trudeau seriously, and not recognizing their obligation to try to finish what they had started.

By Blogger Cathie from Canada, at 11:43 pm  

.. Simon did approve my comment Cathy From Canada and added a retort that could hardly be deemed 'friendly'. It did seem defensive and somewhat offensive all a'twonce.. That's OK.. He appears to have missed the point and seemed angry, accusing me of calling him a racist, which I certainly did not. Rather, I pointed out brief verbatim examples of racist insult embedded in comments he approved. Of course I also pointed out his insult of 'those old men', though whatever a man or woman's age has to do with peaceful protest I really have no idea.

This is a truly complicated conundrum, but by sticking to the current specific conflict of Aboriginal Title being infringed upon in this specific instance, the various entities involved, the intentions and actions can be considered factually. That certainly has not happend via the vast majority of Mainstream Media who have failed Canadians miserably.. as well as misled Indy Social Media. I know you're more than capable of piercing the noisy muddied smoke being blown by MainMedia and captured Governments.. More than glad to assist if asked..

Walk In Beauty, Cathy From Canada

.. the salamanders have spoken ..

By Blogger the salamander, at 12:14 am  

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